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Recent Pupil Workshops

Year 6 Transition Workshop

"It was a perfect mix of thought-provoking and fun activities that kept all the children engaged. The presenter was professional, informative and nurturing."

(Rebecca Smith, Year 6 teacher)

Preparing for Success in Your Common Entrance Exams

At the start of the workshop,

21% of pupils knew how to revise. At the end, 98% of pupils agreed that they could utilise a range of revision techniques.

Smart Strategies for GCSE Exam Success

“Following today’s workshop, I am going to make a revision timetable and use the red /amber /green method to monitor my progress.” (Lauren)

Lower Sixth Transition to A Level Workshop

“The workshop has taught me how to manage my time better.”

“I loved the activity of being university admissions selectors.”

Smart Strategies for A Level Exam Success

“This was another excellent session! We valued the structure, format, wealth of resources and the information which the girls took away with them – clear progression.” (Claire Rhodes, Deputy Head Academic)